NEWSFLASH: 14 dead 9 wounded, 3 critically, at a licenced Orlando, Soweto (Johannesburg) tavern shooting with ‘high calibre firearms’ (Gauteng Police Commissioner)’ late last night. No indication yet of who was responsible or motive but not suspected of being a terror attack at this time. Multiple masked shooters arrived in a white Toyota Quantun (PC & witness). And, in addition just in, 4 dead 8 wounded in Pietermaritzburg shooting.

The South African Terrorism Analysis Centre is focused on protecting people and value against Terrorism. Our founders and key people are security professionals either based in South Africa or closely linked to the country, southern Africa and their issues.

The SATAC network comprises specialists drawn from a variety of domains including counter terrorism, security, military and police intelligence, psychology, data analytics, information science, academics, C4I, target analysis and mitigation and advanced mapping and data analytics among other skills. The SATAC network provides a multidisciplinary approach to terrorism analysis and counter terror intelligence.

SATAC provides focused services that mitigate the risk of terrorist action to physical, human, infrastructure and knowledge assets. SATAC provides and share know-how and best-practice methods with corporate security clients, governments and academia.

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