The State ‘security forces’ and private security are on alert re. expected further random, unorganised civil unrest tomorrow 23rd August 2021. The social media messages circulating and encouraging this are not believed to be from political groups trying to destabilise the government but originated from trouble makers. However there is a possibility that some attacks on government installations and some looting could take place as a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. So it will be prudent to avoid government buildings and facilities tomorrow, to be extra vigilant and if possible stay off the roads. If you must travel, listen to the radio news and if you see unrest or gatherings that ‘don’t look right’, report them.

  • Take note of social media messages but try to evaluate and confirm
  • Work from home that day if possible
  • Listen to or watch current news broadcasts
  • Increase awareness of surroundings
  • Maintain a permanent readiness for any eventuality in accord with your abilities
  • Avoid confrontation and do not be provoked – stay calm but alert
  • Report any unnatural activities, such as people gathering, vehicles obstructing traffic for no reason, etc:

Emergency numbers: SAPS 10111. Ambulance or Fire Dept.: 10177
All mobile phones, dial: 112 – – – Vodacom also 147. Tekom also 180.

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