Profile & Services

The South African Terrorism Analysis Centre provides a network  designed to share experience, knowledge, methods and expertise with corporations to protect value – human, intellectual, cultural and property. Our founders and key people are professionals either based in South Africa or closely linked to this country and its issues.

The SATAC network comprises specialists drawn from a variety of domains including counter terrorism, security, military and police intelligence, psychology, data analytics, information science, academia, C4I, target analysis and mitigation and advanced mapping and data analytics, among others. SATAC provides a non-governmental multidisciplinary approach to terrorism analysis.

Core Service

Research & Analysis – Custom designed research provides real-time industry or location specific threat assessment. For example, if there is a terrorist attack on a pharmaceutical factory in Warsaw, Poland or an abortion clinic in Cleveland, USA, we will immediately report in detail to our members and associates any changes in their risk profile based on our proprietary Situation Relationship Algorithms as well as post a summary on our web page and Twitter account.

Additional services

  • Deep Psychographic Profiling – Provides insight into behaviours, patterns, linguistics, lifestyle and networks of individuals and groups that may pose a threat to our clients and society.
  • Threat & Response Assessment – Resilience Testing  – an in-depth overview of security procedures, processes, risks and loopholes both physical and electronic. We work with typical full-spectrum Threat Assessment and Response and help tune and evaluate response by consultation, orientation and running scenarios with your team.
  • Counter-Terror Technology Assessment – There are a multitude of technologies that can be used to mitigate and even remove threat. Some of these are ancient and some are very modern and futuristic. We can provide an overview of what’s available, and what works, when, where and why.

Focused Services for Investors in Southern Africa

SATAC provides focused services for corporations that have or plan significant investments in South Africa:

  • Industry and location specific threat assessments
  • Real time threat monitoring
  • Focused, relevant studies and statistics
  • Personal briefings, seminars and consultation
  • Access to our Expert Knowledge Network
  • Independent Assessment of your security arrangements, structures, procedures, protocols, processes and people
  • Independent referral to consultants and suppliers

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