How serious are threats from ISIS against South Africa?: Andy Grudko

Three years after ISIS appeared to be on its last legs in Iraq and Syria it has seized a city in Mozambique. The city is called Cabo Delgado, in the country’s north has been captured by fighters linked to the terrorist group, with the port of Mocimboa da Praia a particular concern. Now to discuss this and whether South Africa should be concerned we are joined on the line by Executive Director at SA Terrorism Analysis Centre, Andy Grudko For more news, visit and also #SABCNews#Coronavirus#COVID19News on Social Media.

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SABC interview: Andrey Grudko of SATAC on explosive devices in Durban

There was yet another bomb scare in Durban Thursday. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from a 23 storey building. This was only hours after police had to conduct a sweep at a local mall after another threat which later turned out to be a hoax. Police have discovered a series of explosive devices in the city and no arrests have yet to be made. To discuss this further, we’re joined by Andy Grudko, who is the Director of the South African Terrorism Analysis Centre.

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SABC News Interviews SATAC director Andy Grudko

09:05 on morning of 30 May SABC NEWS CH 404 broadcast a 9 minutes interview with SA Terrorism Analysts Centre Director, Andy Grudko on the impact of SA’s violent crime on CR’s attempts to raise overseas investment.

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eLibrary Videos: Psyops

This is a selection of YouTube Videos around Psyops & counterterrorism- if you’d like to suggest other videos to share among members, please contact

Panel III: Intelligence and Counterterrorism (10:00am-noon) “The Perils of Torture in US Counterterrorism Operations” Elizabeth Arsenault, Center for Security Studies, Georgetown University “The Unique Challenges Terrorism Poses for Intelligence” John McLaughlin, Johns Hopkins, SAIS; former Acting DCIA/former DDCIA) “Reading the Enemy: What Can We Learn From Terrorist Propaganda?” Truls Tonnessen, FFI, Norway; and, Center for Security Studies, Georgetown University Moderator: Sir David Veness, Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, St Andrews University, Scotland

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