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SOUTH AFRICANS in the United States or planning to travel there in the next 2 months should be aware of the US National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin of 27 Jan: The department wrote “a heightened threat environment across the United States” will persist in the weeks following Biden’s inauguration. The bulletin, set to expire on April 30, reflects the lowest alert level, which describes general terrorism trends.

Seasonal Warning

As usual, the end of November has seen the start of the DAILY CASH HEIST SEASON as, we believe, the criminal gangs prepare for the cash-intensive Christmas-New Year holiday season. VISITORS to SA need to be aware that it is recommended to avoid Cash-In-Transit or ‘Armoured Cars’ at all times and ATMs after dark or in isolated areas.In the case of attacks in CIT vehicles the criminals use multiple stolen vehicles and start the attack by ramming and surrounding the vehicle – up to 20 criminals can be involved in the attack.The criminals use explosives to attack these targets and are usually armed with automatic weapons and should not be confronted. The tensions around the world continue and here in SA criminals are finding new ways to exploit our gradually phased out Covid-19 Lockdown. SATAC Alert Level: Elevated.

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PLO Parliament formed in Palestine

30 April – A powerful but rarely convened assembly that calls itself the Palestinian “supreme authority” met for the first time in 22 years on Monday, to form a Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Parliament in Palestine.

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Pakistan Terror suspect assassinated in Johannesburg

19 April – The head of MQM’s terror financing network in South Africa, Majid Khan Manjila alias Majid Bhai has been killed in an apparent assassination during rush hour traffic in Johannesburg. He was involved in acts of terrorism in Pakistan

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Links & resources of interest

The following links have been selected for SATAC members – they include various resources that can be used in research and and analytics:

Photo Forensices – analysis of any graphic image for traces of image manipulation

MI5 Terror Alerts

Domestic Security Alliance Council FBI – Counterintelligence Resources including elicitation techniques,  Intellectual Property protection, internet social network security, safety & security abroad

CDSE Centre for the Development of Security Excellence provides a counterintelligence awareness toolkit

CIA Handbook – strategic information, activities 2013, regulations (on google books)

Reddit Counterterrorism subreddit has up-to-date stories and analysis as well as the Reddit Terrorism subreddit


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Blissful ignorance or cunning intent? You decide

The ex-wife of South African President Jacob Zuma and the (immediate – past) chairperson of the African Union Commission, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, has asked African countries to free up barriers that limit the free movement of Africans on the continent, according to News24. Speaking at the African Union (AU) State of the Continent address at the Hilton Hotel in Durban, South Africa (on 19 Dec 2016), Dlamini-Zuma said the pace has already been set by Rwandans who recently launched a pan-African passport for diplomats.

Rwanda was the country that led this move and they opened their borders for all Africans. That kind of policy has seen them increase their tourism by 24 percent and trade by over 50 percent. Generally, the free movement of people has more advantages than disadvantages,” she explained.

Free Movement for Africans

Dlamini-Zuma maintains that people will feel motivated to travel to different parts of Africa when they are assured that they can move in and out of any country as they wish.

The proposed passport would allow visa-free access to all 54 AU member states.

We are developing a comprehensive protocol of free movement and we are hoping it will be signed by 2018,” she added.

In the meantime, the AU is pushing for the use of a 30-day visa issued by African countries.

Dlamini-Zuma says she hopes that more African states will embrace this policy and open their borders.

Many have applauded the creation of a pan-African passport, noting that it will facilitate the unified mobility of Africans and ease trade across the continent.

Dlamini-Zuma says free movement of Africans on the continent will ultimately lead to Africa’s economic transformation by improving local tourism and boosting regional trade.


One of the main hurdles that the AU faces in making the electronic passport available to all African citizens is the fact that most African countries still don’t have the required biometric systems to register the documents.

Another key obstacle to the realization of visa-free movement in Africa is the fear by some African countries that opening their borders for all Africans might lead to a high influx of immigrants.

AU’s Agenda 2063 states that Africa aims to be a continent where the free movement of people, capital, goods, and services will result in significant increases in trade and investments among African countries, while strengthening Africa’s place in the global trade market”.

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Having been at the coalface for 37 years fighting crime, mostly in South Africa where I was born and bred, I see things from a different perspective to most. However, it is merely my perspective that differs; my perspective of the same concern, that of perceived terrorism against South Africa.

In May this year 2017 I arrested three foreign nationals from Mozambique who, as it turned out, were wanted for more than a dozen home invasions and armed robberies along the North Coast of KZN and as far inland as Pietermaritzburg. They were also responsible for the murder of Marius Deysel from Umhlali and I believe may still be linked to the murder of Edwin Mapstone of Thornville.

Aaron and Jabulani Moyani (Note their physiques).

Alex Moyani – WANTED – Escaped from SAPS custody after biting a policeman during a court appearance in eMangusi.

By exhibits recovered from their room in eMangusi, at the time of their arrest, the three Mozambican Nationals have been linked to six (6) cases of armed robbery, including the armed robbery and murder of Mr. Deysel. The exhibits recovered from these men included four handguns, ammunition, a pump action shotgun and a 308-hunting rifle.

Prior to arresting these men, I had been warned that they were also involved in Rhino Poaching, something I was unable to confirm but which gave me an understanding as to their possession of the 308 rifle which they had buried along with the shotgun and which was unearthed by them after their arrest.

It is no secret that our president and the ANC at large receives funding from the sale of illicit cigarettes that are coming into South Africa via Mozambique. I saw with my own eyes truckloads of cigarettes coming into SA via Cosey Bay under escort, once on SA soil, by the SAPS. It is as blatant as this.

President Zuma, in an empty bid to “tighten up” the Cosey Bay border deployed a Task Team of twelve to curtail the free flow of foreign nationals into SA but this was simply window dressing. The free flow of foreign nationals via this entry point has not been stemmed in the slightest. In fact, South Africans are now exploiting the situation by creating hostels in eMangusi to house foreign nationals illegally here in South Africa, providing with not only accommodation but also prostitutes, food and alcohol, all for cash on a “no pay, there are ten waiting for your room,” basis. It was in a single room of one of these hostels that I arrested my three suspects who were spending one last night here in SA before returning to Mozambique to hide out until things here in SA had cooled down.

These men had been ghosts here in SA since December 2016. No RICA, no FICA and no identification. Impossible to catch without informers.

The brutality of the crimes that they committed reminded me of Rhodesia where my family and I were resident from 1972-1980. These men, ex Mozambican military, were cruel and heartless toward their victims, especially women, and I believe that I know why. Because their actions were intended to spark a reaction, that being that more white, law-abiding citizens of South Africa would pack up and leave SA because of FEAR!

On 8 July 2017 a woman dressed in a “hijab” entered a jewelry store in Umhlanga, Durban together with an elderly well-dressed man and another woman. This woman, who we now know to be Warda Marghani Ibrahim (of Yemen decent) stole a 5ct diamond from Platinum Jewelers whilst her “Father” stole an 18ct gold Rolex watch. This was all slight-of-hand.

WARDA – Dressed to kill … the retail industry

A few of the many faces of Warda Marghani Ibrahim

We learned, through an intensive investigation, that Warda was from Crosby, Johannesburg and so we set out to find her.

Warda was only arrested 21 September 2017 along with Mostafa Makhlouf who is seeking political asylum in SA whilst on the run from the Egyptian authorities – which goes to support another one of my theories, that being that so long as we have a president whom himself came out of exile, people like Mostafa will always have the sympathy of our government.

Whilst in SA Mostafa has committed crimes from theft to kidnapping and from assault GBH to attempted murder. He was arrested with Warda 21 September 2017 where the two were hiding out at a B&B in Crosby.

A few of the many faces of Mostafa Makhour

Consider how long it took for us to catch these two who are wanted on cases going back to December 2016. Unlike the SAPS, we were able to dedicate time to this but would they have been arrested otherwise? The answer is “likely not” because these two, along with the rest of the Ibrahim family, have been manipulating our judicial system for years and are renowned for having members of their local SAPS “under their control”. It took people from Durban (us) to arrest these suspects because informers, who ultimately lead us to these two, would not share information with their local police for fear of being exposed.

Whilst looking for Warda I learned much about her and her family who are prolific thieves and who will literally steal anything from dog-dewormer to a 5ct diamond. They targeted jewelry stores and foreign exchange outlets and they have made a living from this with Warda being wanted on now eight (8) cases with more to follow. They are accomplished thieves.

Warda has two sisters, Nargis and Nagla. Both are being sought for and have been charged for various counts of theft.

Warda has two children. Her children are being trained in the art of theft by slight-of-hand and I have seen video footage of the children in action. They are every bit as proficient as their Mother.

The fate of these children is already mapped out for them.

Warda’s Father Marghani Abdalla Ibrahim is the one who stole the Rolex watch from our client and is still at large yet he owns three (3) properties in Johannesburg (as per the deeds office). His wife Lela Omar Mohamed owns two properties (as per the deeds office). The Ibrahim family has an array of motor vehicles including a late model Mercedes and a Jaguar. The Father also owns two “big-rigs” and has amassed R22 000.00 in unpaid fines.

Marghani Abdalla Ibrahim  /  Lela Omar Mohammed

We have visited all five addresses belonging to the Ibrahim family and I can tell you that each property is accommodated by 15-30 illegal immigrants from all over Africa and the rest of the world at a time, each paying rental of R1000.00 per month.

They live like rats in terrible circumstances. They are filthy and many of those we encountered were ill. The illness perpetuates due to the fact that tenants are closely confined and share a common kitchen and bathrooms and then these diseases make their way into the city.

Garages and servant’s quarters are turned into sleeping quarters and every square inch is used for accommodation. Where is all of the rental money coming from and where is it going to?

The home in which Marghani Abdulla Ibrahim resides has two communication satellites on the roof. Is this so that they can watch movies in Arabic? Maybe. Or maybe it is to communicate with those to whom the monies being generated from rentals, theft and other organized crime is going?

50 Old Castle, Crosby, Johannesburg.

911 was not the brain-child of one man and neither was this an overnight plan. It was decades in the making. What I am seeing right now has already been decades in the making. What may we expect to happen next?

The 5ct diamond, which was GI certified, has turned up in Dubai and is being held until our client can produce its certificate. It is my information that MARGHANI ABDALLA IBRAHIM sold the stone to another in Dubai. Our Border Control will not show MARGHANI ABDALLA IBRAHIM leaving our country however as according to source, IBRAHIM made his way “unofficially” to Kenya and flew from Kenya to Dubai in order to stay under the radar. MARGHANI ABDALLA IBRAHIM has elected to surrender to us 26 September in Johannesburg.

Violent crime left unchecked will cause fear. Fear will cause law-abiding citizens to immigrate. Economic crime left unchecked will cause financial ruin and will result in the decay of cities and suburbs such as Hillbrow which is now sitting at a staggering 80% run and occupied by foreign nationals. One only has to drive through Hillbrow to comprehend where we are headed.

Weapons recovered after a CIT in Durban Image: Aaron Moyani’s phone

Encouraging others via social media to come and plunder in SA.

(Note the Nigerian currency). (After a R75,000.00 robbery)

It is my understanding that Lesotho is about to disband its army. It is unlikely that these soldiers are going to receive any long term financial benefit for the years to come. What will all of these already trained men and women do to survive?

As the worm turns. Through the eyes of Brad Nathanson

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