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Increasing Terror Links To South Africa
Op-Ed by a SATAC contributor In 2018 I speculated on the SATAC platform that the current violent Islamic State activity in northern Mozambique around the gas reserves and processing areas is an example of a link between organise crime and terrorism. SATAC believes ...
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How serious are threats from ISIS against South Africa?: Andy Grudko
Three years after ISIS appeared to be on its last legs in Iraq and Syria it has seized a city in Mozambique. The city is called Cabo Delgado, in the country's north has been captured by fighters linked to the terrorist group, with ...
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Can South Africa’s Farm Attacks Be Classified As Terrorism?
This article was originally published by Security Focus Africa on There’s a complex debate going on in some security and political circles as to whether or not farm attacks can be classified and prosecuted as Terrorism. The debate is hampered by the ...
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SATAC Members’ Predictions For 2019
Each year we ask our SATAC members what they think the new year holds for SA in particular regarding security and terrorism - these are our 2019 predictions (NS) We will continue to see rise of the paramilitaries in the US with lone ...
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SATAC Special Report: The Verulam Eleven
The Verulam Family Court heard on 22 Oct 2018 that eleven men accused of the May fatal attack at a KwaZulu-Natal Shia mosque and planting several incendiary devices at Durban shopping centres have links to the so called Islamic State (ISIS). The accused ...
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Durban explosive devices: Why Woolworths?
A SATAC ANALYSIS  13 July 2018 Prelude: The Verulam attacks 1. On Thursday 10 May 2018, three knife-wielding men stormed the Imam Hussain (Shia) Mosque after midday prayers and attacked Moulana Ali Nchiyane before torching the mosque’s library by throwing in a petrol ...
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