How is terrorism useful?

They say that terror is the anticipation and horror is the aftermath. While a tiny percentage will ever be caught up in a terror attack, the feeling that they might be impacts the moods, behaviour, expectations, values and even the physiology of billions of people worldwide. From this point of view, terrorism can be seen as a powerful form of mind control.

The anticipation of something bad happening  particularly of sudden, unexpected terror has complex and profound impacts on humans both individually and in groups and it is in these responses that we can see how terrorism is useful.

The anticipation of terror, the state of a background hum of anxiety (called angst by Sigmund Freud) causes the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline and cortisol. While Cortisol helps us ready for flight-or-fight, elevated cortisol levels have long term negative impacts on the immune system making people more available to disease. Adrenaline is also a neurotransmitter that is related to states of highly focused attention but it is also associated with dark, anxious thinking.. At a physiological level terrorism can cause adrenal fatigue, anxiety, diabetes.

Some other reasons how terrorism is useful

Terroristic acts catch media attention quickly – they can reach the mainstream media and provide immediate worldwide publicity for a terror group or cause on a tiny budget, By the same token, terroristic acts can be used to detract the media from other issues, agendas and causes pushing them into the background.

The anticipation of a terror act can impact lifestyle choices and consumption patterns which will have reverbatory effects on the community and the economy at large. Fear can literally drop someone from a level of actualisation into instinctual survival mode.

Terroristic acts are potent tools of social engineering that drive and accentuate divisions across boundaries. They can stimulate wars, population movements and the derailing of governments and social order. With increasing upheaval on many fronts in the world now, we can expect to see terrorism being used more often and closer to home.

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