Key focus of terror attacks & terrorist activities

Based on an analysis of terror attacks worldwide we see the following focus of terror attacks. Knowing the typical target areas  helps to assess your own anti-terror responses and mitigate dangers.

  • Explosive/incendiary devices
  • Shootings and close quarter knife/acid etc. attacks
  • Chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) devices/attacks
  • Kidnappings – political/revenge/prisoner exchange/fund raising
  • Surface to air missiles (in conflict zones)
  • Access information that may be of use to them: Hacking, spoofing, mallware, ID theft
  • Radicalisation
  • Network/cyber attacks, hacking, spyware, ransomware, reputation attack
  • Fund raising through criminal activity: Drugs, arms, CIT(Cash-In-Transit)  raids, bank robberies, extortion etc.
  • Money laundering

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SATAC Research & Analytics Team

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