Murdered in KZN, UK Botanists’ Credit Card used in attempt to buy Bitcoin

In July Dutch intelligence authorities arrested a man, identified as Mohammed Ghorshid, trying to buy bitcoins with a credit card stolen from the murdered Saunders couple, botanists from the UK. Ghorshid was on the watchlist of Dutch intelligence because of his Islamic State links.

The credit card connected Ghorshid with Sayefudeen Del Vecchio, 38, and his wife Fatima Patel, 27, who were arrested at their home in northern KwaZulu-Natal in February. They were later charged in the same Verulam magistrate’s court with murdering the Saunders couple.

The Verulam mosque attack was, according to current Court reports, planned and carried out by up to 11 men following guidelines in an Islamic State newsletter on how to threaten and extort money from non-believers.

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