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SOUTH AFRICANS in the United States or planning to travel there in the next 2 months should be aware of the US National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin of 27 Jan: The department wrote “a heightened threat environment across the United States” will persist in the weeks following Biden’s inauguration. The bulletin, set to expire on April 30, reflects the lowest alert level, which describes general terrorism trends.

Seasonal Warning

As usual, the end of November has seen the start of the DAILY CASH HEIST SEASON as, we believe, the criminal gangs prepare for the cash-intensive Christmas-New Year holiday season. VISITORS to SA need to be aware that it is recommended to avoid Cash-In-Transit or ‘Armoured Cars’ at all times and ATMs after dark or in isolated areas.In the case of attacks in CIT vehicles the criminals use multiple stolen vehicles and start the attack by ramming and surrounding the vehicle – up to 20 criminals can be involved in the attack.The criminals use explosives to attack these targets and are usually armed with automatic weapons and should not be confronted. The tensions around the world continue and here in SA criminals are finding new ways to exploit our gradually phased out Covid-19 Lockdown. SATAC Alert Level: Elevated.

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