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Thulsie twins convicted on terror charges after plea bargain A plea bargain ends the tortuous case in which the Johannesburg brothers were charged for conspiring with Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. For details see ...
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How serious are threats from ISIS against South Africa?: Andy Grudko
Three years after ISIS appeared to be on its last legs in Iraq and Syria it has seized a city in Mozambique. The city is called Cabo Delgado, in the country's north has been captured by fighters linked to the ...
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5 foreign nationals linked to kidnapping, extremism syndicate and New Year’s Eve Melville shooting arrested
SOURCE: News24 Police have arrested five foreign nationals behind a spate of kidnappings - inside and outside the country. They are linked to an international kidnapping and extremism syndicate. News24 understands the five could also be linked to a shooting ...
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Crisis in northern Mozambique is now an urgent matter for SADC
SOURCE: IOL Pretoria - The crisis in northern Mozambique is now an urgent and inescapable matter for the SADC region, given that the Islamic State (Isis) has issued a warning to South Africa not to get involved in the conflict ...
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