SATAC Members Rules

  1. SATAC’s Mission is the collection, analysis and distribution of information, intelligence and opinion relating to terrorism, past, present and future, in South Africa. Therefore;
  2. Messages and comments posted to the list must be relevant to the furtherance of this Mission.
  3. Whilst the List is closed, vetted and confidential, no Classified or illegally gained information is to be published on any SATAC forum/group. We do not permit plagiarism or, distribution of infomation without permission.
  4. Whilst opinion is welcomed, hate speech or prejudice are not allowed unless clearly part of an attributed quote relevant to our Mission (such as a statement of threat against a group) and are balanced commentaries.
  5. Whilst all members of the group are adults, profanity and insults are not allowed unless clearly part of an attributed quote relevant to our Mission.
  6. This is a serious list and group. All members of the group will treat each other with respect and dignity. Persons who do not understand this do not belong here.
  7. Whilst politics, race, religion, sexuality and other sensitive topics may form part of the study of terror and can be quoted and debated here, this is not a platform for being judgemental or critical beyond mature discourse.
  8. This group is not the place for jokes, cartoons (unless with gravitas), random traffic reports, party-politics, personal messages etc. or other non-Mission matters.
  9. However, SATAC encourages cordial personal interaction between group members to foster the spirit of camaraderie or ‘esprit de corps’ and respect that is common to professionals and others who deal with the serious issue of terrorism. Common sense should prevail.
  10. No advertising or promotion is allowed. Should a member request recommendations on equipment or services related to the SATAC Mission please respond privately or generically, i.e. suggesting a type of product or a solution is allowed, but brand-specific posts or contact details in furtherance of commercial action is strongly discouraged.
  11.  Please respect the privacy of the group by not discussing it’s contents outside of those with a direct interest and/or influence. Similarly, do not disclose the identities of those on the group elsewhere. As always, operational security and personal security are paramount.
  12. If you are unsure of any aspect or if you have a specific issue, topic or subject to raise that falls outside of the ambit of these rules or that you are uncertain of, please seek guidance via PM from an Admin first.
  13. Minor violations of these rules will result in a Personal Message warning. Gross violation may result in a warning on the list. Repeated violation will result in Membership being cancelled.

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