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The South African Terrorism Analysis Centre provides a network and connecting point to share experience, knowledge, methods and expertise with corporations to protect value – human, intellectual, cultural and property. Our founders and key people are professionals either based in South Africa or closely linked to this country and its issues. The SATAC network provides a non-governmental, non-aligned multidisciplinary approach to terrorism analysis and counter terror intelligence.

The SATAC network comprises specialists drawn from a variety of domains including counter terrorism, security, military and police intelligence, psychology, data analytics, information science, academics, C4I, target analysis and mitigation and advanced mapping and data analytics, among others. The network provides a non-governmental multidisciplinary approach to terrorism analysis and

If your work involves security, counterintelligence or anti-terror work why not join the South African Terrorism Analysis Centre (SATAC) network? SATAC Network Membership enables you to participate in the SATAC Whatsapp Group (WhatsApp Group Terms & Conditions). We also expect all SATAC Members to abide by the SATAC Member Rules. Contribute, Share, Benefit. Please fill in the membership application below.



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